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In the world of investments, success stories are measured by numbers.

As published in the prospectus of Cofund 10 – Hagshama 1009 LP from 7.5.19:

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Investments in projects involve risks. The main risk factors are: interest risks, macro-economic risks in the country of the property, economic slowdown in the country of the property, availability and cost of credit, risks associated with the entrepreneur and currency exchange rate risk. In prospectus investment, please refer to the risk factors detailed in the prospectus. Investment which is not under a prospectus, please approach the investment relations manager for further clarifications of the risk factors.

The assessments of Hagshama for the expected yields are based on the business plan specific for each project and there is no certainty for fulfill of the expected yields. For details regarding the calculation of the average yield, see paragraph 7.1.3 to the prospectus of Kips Bay, Manhattan – Hagshama 1008 LP from 6.8.18.

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