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Project Description

תשקיף שביעי- קיפס ביי מנהטן

Land Acquisition of an existing multifamily asset, demolition, construction of 35 floors, 100 residential units and commercial space condominiums and sale.

366-368 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA

Year launched


Expected duration

Approx 48 Months

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About the neighborhood

Center map

Manhattan is the beating heart of New York and the city’s business and cultural hub. New York City has one of the largest economies in the world, with a high economic growth rate and a particularly low unemployment rate. The local real-estate market has been enjoying substantial growth since the recovery from the global economic crisis of 2008. The high demand for housing led to a dramatic rise in housing prices throughout Manhattan, and today, Manhattan is characterized by particularly high occupancy ratios. The project will be constructed in the Kips Bay neighborhood, which is situated between East 23rd Street to the south and East 30th Street to the north, and between Fifth Avenue to the west and the East River to the east. Kips Bay is characterized by historic residential buildings alongside new residential towers, a plethora of restaurants, bars and shopping areas and features a quiet neighborhood atmosphere. The Niche rating website ranked Kips Bay with an A+ rating, and ranked it as one of the 10 best neighborhoods in New York.

About the developer

מנרב קבוצת חברות הבנייה

Minrav Holdings Ltd. (TLV: MNRV) was founded in 1969 and engages in real estate and engineering, including initiations of residential construction projects in Israel and in the United States, execution of construction and infrastructure projects in the public, business and private sectors, and leasing and management of income-generating properties in Israel and in the United States. The company’s shares have been listed for trading on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange since 1983 and, Minrav’s real estate assets total over $500MM. and its equity totals about $200MM. The company began operating in North America about four years ago, as part of its strategy of expanding its real-estate activities. Minrav holds rights in four residential development projects in New York, three of which are already under construction, while another project is in the design stages. Minrav (as a financial investor) and Hagshama Fund have invested together in five projects in the United States.

The opportunity

פרויקט נדל"ן להשקעה - קיפס ביי מנהטן

Construction of a 35-storey residential building (including basement) accommodating 100 housing units, commercial spaces and storage rooms intended for sale. The Minrav Group has cooperated with Hagshama as a financial investor in five projects to date. This is the first project of Hagshama and Minrav as a joint venture company.

Other open investments

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The proposal is proposed through dedicated partnerships. The investment in the projects has prospects as well as risks in connection with the investment funds. The information does not constitute an offer to purchase the Company’s securities or an invitation to receive such offers. The above does not guarantee any yield whatsoever. The above description constitutes only a general presentation