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Project Description

פרויקט נדל"ן להשקעה - האקני, לונדון, אנגליה

Construction of a five-storey mixed-use building in the London borough of Hackney in the East End of London comprised of 21 residential units and 4 commercial units.

31 Gransden Avenue, Hackney E8 3QA and
195 Mare St. Hackney E8 3QE

Year launched


Expected duration

24 months

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About the neighborhood

Center map

The London borough of Hackney is located in the East End of London, just five miles from Charing Cross and only 4.4 miles from Soho. Over the last decade, Hackney has been enjoying enormous growth and, thanks to the impressive urban facelift of the entire borough, its proximity to the city center and its many green spaces, Hackney has been transformed into a high-demand residential area. Hackney Central features an abundance of pubs and restaurants and is within walking distance of the popular Victoria Park Village.

About the developer

Gold Section Developments has been specializing in East London property development for more than 15 years, and has a proven track record of highly successful residential and commercial real-estate projects in and around the city of London.

The opportunity

פרויקט נדל"ן להשקעה - האקני, לונדון, אנגליה

Mezzanine loan – investors receive second priority to the senior debt on the project’s proceeds according to their loan principal and interest, ahead of the sponsor’s equity investment. Permits – permits have been received in compliance with the project execution conditions, which were the key prerequisites to the construction start. The local developer – Yogo Group has more than a decade of experience developing projects in Northwest London’s real-estate market.

Other open investments

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מניפת השקעות נדל”ן בישראל – CofundIL2

קרן קופאנד ישראל הוקמה כדי להוות אפיק השקעה מותאם למציאות הכלכלית החדשה, ושמה לה למטרה לאתר הזדמנויות עסקיות מצוינות.  מהות הקרן: מתן  מימון לפרויקטים של נדל"ן בישראל. בתוך ימים ספורים הושלם הגיוס

The proposal is proposed through dedicated partnerships. The investment in the projects has prospects as well as risks in connection with the investment funds. The information does not constitute an offer to purchase the Company’s securities or an invitation to receive such offers. The above does not guarantee any yield whatsoever. The above description constitutes only a general presentation