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Hagshama’s investment model allows private investors to invest in joint investments, and that gives access to the major leagues.


Our Business Dev. Department reviews the entrepreneur and suggested project:

  • Previous experience and professional knowledge
  • Visit to the entrepreneur and project’s offices
  • Reviewing the company’s organizational structure
  • Presenting the project in the ‘investment committee’ in front of the partners, department heads and external director
  • Negotiating the final commercial terms

Our Analysis Department reviews the entrepreneur’s and project’s propriety:

  • Entrepreneur’s financial means
  • Reviewing the business plans including sales costs and project costs
  • Comparison with local prices
  • Location
  • Regulations, permits and limitations
  • LOI with the funding party
  • Transaction delicacy and viability
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the transaction

Our Legal Department reviews the legal implications:

  • Purchase agreement
  • Collateral and protections
  • Establishing a legal and tax structure
  • Partnership agreement with entrepreneur
  • Verifying registration of the property under the Hagshama partner investors as collateral
  • In the funding track – verifying property lien registration
Present Investment
to Investors

Our Investor Relations Department presents investors with all relevant information:

  • Transaction advantages, location, terms
  • Possible investment tracks
  • Full transparency on all details

Strategic Investors
Large entrepreneurs and investors who choose to invest with Hagshama:
Minerva, Elko, Shafir, Kibbutzim, wealthy families


Our Investment Tracking Department monitors the project from start the finish:

  • Expert analysts in direct communication with the entrepreneur
  • Monitoring firm in London and US review and track the projects until their full completion
  • Identifying setbacks and unexpected events in real-time

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