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In order to feel secure and at peace with your finances, it’s important to make smart investments.

Our team of experts have comprised a list of frequently asked questions for your benefit, so that you can take all the right considerations and make the right decisions, from your very first steps into the world of real-estate investments.

Hagshama was founded in 2009.

As published in the prospectus of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas – Hagshama 1007 LP from 15.5.18: Hagshama has paid over 1 billion NIS in returns to investors and has completed 118 exits average net annual return of approx. 13% (before tax).

Investments in projects involve risks. The main risk factors are: interest risks, macro-economic risks in the country of the property, economic slowdown in the country of the property, availability and cost of credit, risks associated with the entrepreneur and currency exchange rate risk. In prospectus investment, please refer to the risk factors detailed in the prospectus. Investment which is not under a prospectus, please approach the investment relations manager for further clarifications of the risk factors.

The assessments of Hagshama for the expected yields are based on the business plan specific for each project and there is no certainty for fulfill of the expected yields. For details regarding the calculation of the average yield, see paragraph 7.1.2 to the prospectus of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas – Hagshama 1007 LP from 15.5.18.

We recommend you join our pool of investors. Register at no commitment and no cost, and receive information about new investments, carefully chosen by our team of experts. We invite you to choose the right investment for you, and enjoy the guidance of your investor relations manager at your side the whole way through.

All projects chosen by Hagshama’s team of experts and offered to our pool of investors, have undergone a strict screening process, which includes due diligence into the entrepreneur’s financial and legal background.

The questions you should be asking yourselves, are: what is your preferred investment track, which investment mix should you choose, what protections are at your disposal, etc. If you are struggling, you are welcome to consult with your investor relations manager.

All investments chosen by the Hagshama team are exit oriented, and so the forecasted timeline for project completion and profit yield ranges between 24 to 36 months.

Generally speaking, returns on investments are to be expected at the end of the investment period. However, some of the investments are income-producing investments, where investors receive ongoing quarterly payments throughout the period of the project. Please note, that the due date for completion of the investment and profit yield is only a forecast, and we cannot guarantee its fulfillment.

Minimum investment sum stands at 100,000 NIS. One can purchase several investment units, under the stipulation that the overall investment will total a sum which is less than 10% of the total capital raised. Investors interested in making larger investments can choose an investment track which requires a higher minimum entry fee, or divide their investment into several different projects.

We present a likelihood for a realistic return on investments, based on an extensive and professional analysis conducted by Hagshama’s analytics department. It should be emphasized however, that this is only a forecast and we cannot commit to any particular profit yield. A project’s success depends on various factors: fluctuating market, supply and demand, cooperation from municipal establishments, and more. The protections and collaterals put in place by Hagshama for each and every investment, are intended to minimize potential risks, but we are nevertheless unable to provide absolute protection against all of the above factors.

We are exceptionally proud of the rigorous screening process conducted by our analytics department and its 15 expert analysts. We perform due diligence for each and every entrepreneur, investigate his business experience and professional background, and thoroughly examine the project’s business plan as we verify costs and analyze potential failures. Only investments that meet our strict criteria will be presented before the investment committee and offered to our investors.

In addition, we make sure to offer numerous collaterals for each investment – such as: holdings through an investment corporation and/or financial lien, establishing a separate corporation for each and every investment, and more. The relevant information for every investment is presented with full transparency to its investors.

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