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Professionalism Above All

Hagshama is managed by a leading professional team:

חנן שמש, עו"ד שותף, יו”ר הגשמה ו-Cogress

Hanan Shemesh, Adv.

Partner, Chairman of Hagshama and Cogress


An advocate and business man with expertise and extensive experience in the world of business, and real-estate in particular. During his military service, he served as an officer in the navy commando unit, and carried out several unique project management roles in the Security System. Later he went on to serve as Owner and CEO of a private export company for agriculture products.

During his tenure as CEO of Hagshama, from its founding days building up to today, he has led the company to impressive accomplishments. Shemesh revolutionized the Israeli investment world by leading a strategic move alongside the Israel Security Authority for allowing and regulating prospective investments, with permits from the Israeli Security Authority.

Shemesh has been leading Hagshama towards global expansion by penetrating international markets. In 2014, we opened Cogress UK offices in London, and in 2017 Cogress U.S offices opened in central Manhattan and Cogress Spain in Madrid.

אבי כץ - נשיא ומייסד הגשמה
Avi Katz
President and Founder

Founded the Hagshama Group with the purpose of allowing small time investors to participate in investments intended up to that point for serious investors only. Katz founded “Cofix”, a coffee shop chain responsible for the incredible and revolutionary change in reducing cost of living in Israel over the past several years. He had also previously founded the “Kfar HaShashuim” toy store chain and brought the famous American low-cost “Dollar Store” to Israel. In addition, he founded “Sheshet”, a chain of homeware stores, and was co-owner of “Naaman Porcelain” and “Vardinon”, a publically traded textile company.

After merging the group under the name “B. Group Retail, Ltd.”, he made an impressive exit, by selling the company to the “Alon Group”.

רון ברקוביץ', רו"ח מנהל השקעות ראשי
Ron Berkowicz, CPA
Chief Investment Officer

CPA holder with a degree in Business and extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of U.S. and European real-estate. Boasts over 18 years of experience in real-estate, 7 of which acting as a senior manager in EY and 7 years as a CFO in a public traded real-estate investment company. For the past 4 years in Hagshama, he served as a Chief Investment Officer and subsequently as Deputy CEO and Head of Investments. Currently serving as CEO and Director of Hagshama’s publicly traded companies – Hagshama Investment Management Inc., since establishment.

הדסה רוזנברג, רו"ח סמנכ"לית כספים, שותפה
Hadasa Rosenberg, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Experience: Chairwoman of Arazim Investments Board of Directors and a Director of various publically traded companies and water corporations. In her most recent position, she served as comptroller of the Blue Square Group, and prior to that as partner in an accounting firm.

The department includes 11 staff members, and handles raising investment capital, foreign currency activities and exchange, ongoing returns to investors, and various aspects of taxation, bookkeeping, financial reports, and permits for investors.

יצחק לאופר שותף
Yitzhak Laufer

Entrepreneur and businessman, graduate of the Bar-Ilan University School of Accounting and Economics.

In the past Laufer co-managed ‘Salvo’, the largest import company in the country for homeware, and founded “Sheshet” store chain, where he was co-CEO until the company was sold in 2008 to publically traded company “Naaman Porcelain” for a significant profit.

Laufer has been a partner in the Hagshama, since its founding, and has assisted in all its developmental stages in the country and around the world.

In 2008 he concluded a 34 year military service as a fighter and commander in a combat engineering unit.

דורון שטיגר יו"ר ועדת השקעות
Doron Steiger
Chairman of Investments Committee

Financial consultant and mentor for various companies in the field of strategic and financial planning, serves as a Director in several publically traded companies including two real-estate firms (“Industrial Building Corporation Ltd” and “Ashdar Building Company Ltd” from the Ashtrom Group). In addition, Steiger serves as the Chair of Financial Management in Kibbutz Revivim in Ramat HaNegev.

Steiger offers extensive experience in company management, both as CEO and as a Chair of the Board. In the past he served as CEO of Israel Corp, VP of Clal Industries, Chairman of Kerur Holdings, and Director of various leading companies. Furthermore, as part of his independent activities Steiger collaborated in the past with a group of investors in acquiring several European media companies, improving and reselling them.

Rina Sharon
Director of Investor Relations Department

Experience: 25 years of experience in customer relationship management in a variety of positions. She holds a BA in Political Science from Bar Ilan University. About 5 years ago, she began fulfilling her role as manager of investor relations. In the past year, the department manager has been promoted to the post.

The department is responsible for presenting the investment details to the prospective investor, including the benefits of the transaction, location, conditions, possible investment paths, prospects and associated risks, with transparency, clarity and accountability to the investor, so that they can make the correct and informed decision.

נאור כהן, עו"ד LL.B מנהל המחלקה המשפטית
Adv. Naor Cohen, LL.B
Legal Department

Experience: 15 years as an advocate and real estate operations manager in global markets. His legal background includes: various types of commercial law, including commercial agreements in Israel and abroad, M&A and consultancy to numerous publically traded companies from their initial public offering and forward. Holds an LL.B Law degree.

The department is responsible for all legal aspects including: regulation, investment agreements and negotiations, legal services to investors, closing transactions, ongoing due diligence and more.

Adi Tobias, CPA
Head of Analysis Department

Experience: 10 years of experience in the financial field, 7 of which as manager at the audit department of the EY Accountants Firm. During the last three years, at Hagshama in the position of financial analyst, and promoted to be head of the analysis dep. during the last year. CPA, holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting and master’s degree in business administration, with specialization in financing.

The department includes 15 analysts that analyze the investments, ensure real feasibility of the business plan and perform routine monitoring of the existing investments.

מוטי חכם מנהל תשקיפים
Moti Haham
Prospectus Manager

Experience: 17 years of experience as an accountant in the auditing department of the accounting firm E&Y, and as an executive director. Hacham’s professional experience includes handling public companies and major institutions, improving corporate processes and assimilating ISOX provisions. He holds a BA in business administration and accounting and an MBA, majoring in financing.

Since Moti joined Hagshama, he has been holding office as the Prospectus Manager and is responsible for the preparation of prospectuses and for the reports of Hagshama’s public corporations. Additionally, Moti serves as the internal enforcement officer of the general partner of Hagshama’s issued partnerships.

אפרת רונן סמנכ"לית מכירות ומשקיעים אסטרטגיים
Efrat Ronen
VP Sales and Strategic Investors

Experience: 16 years of experience holding various management positions in the finance industry, including Institutional Client Manager at Excellence Ltd. She has been with Hagshama since its founding day, and has played a major role in its growth and global expansion. Holds a degree in Business Management, specializing in Finance.

In her position, Ronen is responsible for raising all Hagshama funds, in addition to providing personal support to the company’s strategic investors. Furthermore, she is the initiator and founder of the CoFund investment fund.

אילן גולד מנהל מחלקת שירות לקוחות
Ilan Gold
Customer Service Department

Experience: 11 years of experience in the finance sector and managing large projects. Maintains a B.A. in Economics, specializing in Finance.

This department provides a rapid, professional response to investors as they join in on investments in the following fields: managing a client portfolio including agreements, providing tax reports, concentrating financial data, and delivering ongoing updates on the status of the project.

יוויד ברוס CIO
David Bruce

Experience:  Over 20 years of experience in IT & Applications management and implementation (majority in the financial sector), including strategy, best practices and technology innovation. Previously held senior IT management positions in companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (IL) (NSE:TCS), VERINT (NASDAQ:VRNT) and Matrix (TASE:MTRXIT). Holds a degree in computer science and statistics from Monash university, Australia.

The department is responsible for all the information systems in the organization, Including ongoing support for global process and branches.

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