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We at Hagshama believe that as an inseparable part of the Israeli society, we must contribute to our surroundings, community, and the people of our community.

We are proud of our contributions to various organizations and institutions including

  • Ezer Mizion
  • House of Wheels
  • Noam Israel
  • Soldiers and commanders of combat engineering regiment 8173
  • Or Yehuda children soccer team C
  • Unistream
  • Soldiers and commanders of squadron A 9217

In addition, we have chosen to adopt the “Derech Eretz” foundation, believing that its activities and outlook complement the company’s core values. Hagshama has offered its resources to the foundation, showing full involvement in its ongoing activities, and even leading the establishment of the foundation’s third campus in the Kmehin settlement in the south.

What is the “Derech Eretz” foundation?

“Derech Eretz” is a pre-military preparatory course, encouraging youth to take part in a personal and social journey of empowerment, choosing a meaningful military service and taking responsibility and involvement in the community as an active citizen. During their time in the preparatory course, students are offered deep thoughts and discussions about values such as leadership and identity, they volunteer in several community outreach projects and take part in various activities intended to improve their physical fitness through hikes around the country.

The vision of the foundation sets to create a meaningful difference in our community which will contribute to a united Israeli society, based on a sense of belonging, mutual responsibility, equal opportunity, tolerance and love of country.

We welcome you, Hagshama investors, to take part and contribute to the foundation – and we guarantee that for every Shekel you donate, we will donate another Shekel.

Watch this video about the foundation’s activities: