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Hagshama. Your chance to play in the major league.

Hagshama is a private investment firm, allowing private investors to invest in a joint large scale investment – and as a result, benefit from playing in the big leagues. Hagshama was founded by Avi Katz, as well as other prominent entrepreneurs in the Israeli economy.

As published in the prospectus of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas – Hagshama 1007 LP from 15.5.18: Hagshama has been operation since 2009, and currently boasts a round 28,000 registered investors, together investing in over 300 projects, mostly real-estate, in Israel and abroad. Summing up to a total of 12 billion NIS, with 118 successful exits, and more than 1 billion NIS in total returns to investors. The company offers several investment tracks, suitable for various investor types and personalities.

The Hagshama team brings together a hundred professionals and experts from around the world: real-estate experts, lawyers, accountants, economists, analysts, service managers, etc. Their close collaboration and teamwork guarantees investors are provided with only the most suitable investments, and that each and every investor receives personal and professional one-on-one assistance and guidance.

Hagshama is proud of its investor pool which includes thousands of registered investors, some of which have become ‘returning’ investors, investing in more than one project over the years. This fact alone is sufficient evidence for us at Hagshama, of the amount of trust put in us by the investors, and is the reason we continue to provide investors with the best, most dedicated and professional service around.

Investments in projects involve risks. The main risk factors are: interest risks, macro-economic risks in the country of the property, economic slowdown in the country of the property, availability and cost of credit, risks associated with the entrepreneur and currency exchange rate risk. In prospectus investment, please refer to the risk factors detailed in the prospectus. Investment which is not under a prospectus, please approach the investment relations manager for further clarifications of the risk factors.

The assessments of Hagshama for the expected yields are based on the business plan specific for each project and there is no certainty for fulfill of the expected yields. For details regarding the calculation of the average yield, see paragraph 7.1.2 to the prospectus of Dallas Fort Worth, Texas – Hagshama 1007 LP from 15.5.18.

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